Pre-Planned Birth Agreements

While a great deal of planning goes into putting on baby showers, remodeling rooms for nurseries or researching day care centers, a certain amount of preparation should go into the actual day of the birth.

Birth Agreements: Expect The Unexpected

A birth plan drafted by a lawyer involves labor and birthing options with all parties on the same page while understanding the unpredictable nature of childbirth. Doctors and nurses are clear on what you do and do not want.

During normal labor and delivery, the plan spells out the overall environment you want, including people allowed in the birthing room, the birthing position of the mother, and the overall environment you want. Pain relief and other medical procedures are addressed.

Following the birth and for several days after, the cutting of the baby’s cord, the placement of the baby (stomach or back) after feeding, and having the baby sleep next to you or in the nursery.

A birth agreement is not about taking control. The plan is about taking proactive steps and preparing everyone for a variety of outcomes.

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