International Surrogacy

Few can relate to the challenges and struggles of couples who cannot have children. Issues become more frustrating when certain countries will not allow their citizens to donate. Even states within the U.S. have strict laws that make international surrogacy next to impossible.

Helping To Form The Modern-Day Family

Conversely, Florida attracts infertile couples from across the globe in the formation of the modern-day family. Florida laws regarding international surrogacy are considered very “patient-friendly” with traditional couples, non-traditional couples and single parents of either sex.

We have helped patients from various countries throughout the world. Our attorneys strictly adhere to Food and Drug Administration (FDA).

Unwavering Passion For Our Fellow Sunshine State Residents

At Almeida & Gordy, P.A., we take great pride in serving in a “go-between” role in helping couples who may have given up their dream long ago to become parents.

While doctors focus their passions in searching for carriers and using the best medical processes, our attorneys are equally passionate in overcoming the obstacles and evening the odds for childless parents.

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