Orlando Egg And Sperm Donation Attorneys

The lawyers of Almeida & Gordy, P.A. are committed to helping couples start and build their families through egg and sperm donation. We help both same-sex and heterosexual couples begin the joyous path of starting a family, while protecting their interests throughout the process so that they can focus on preparing for baby and everything it will bring.

Most medical specialists require that both the donor and the intended parents be protected through a signed contract. This contract outlines expectations of both parties, including responsibilities, times to be available, medical treatment that must be sought, financial compensation and other details to be clarified. It is also important that the contract specify any allowance for future contact with the child by the donor and a termination of that donor’s parental rights. Details in situations can vary widely, so it is important that you have legal advice. This is especially so if you are foregoing a medical clinic.

Winter Park Fertility Law Attorneys – Handling Surrogacy And Donation

After a donor has been selected, the contract must be drafted to outline how the process will proceed. Various medical and psychological screenings may be conducted to ensure the health of the done, therefore you may want to use a surrogacy agency.

If a surrogate is to carry the child, we will work out all legal issues with that individual or agency to ensure the smoothest possible pregnancy and transition.

Some same-sex couples hope to contribute to the fertilization or to carry the child. We will work with you to carefully assess your goals for the situation and provide the legal framework to accomplish those. In a recent case before the Fifth District Court of Appeals, two women were able to both obtain parental rights of the child when one donated the egg for fertilization, which was implanted in and carried by the other woman.

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