Adoptions And Surrogacy

All kinds of couples, families and individuals adopt children. Many gay, lesbian and heterosexual people use surrogacy to build their families. In some cases, the juncture of adoption and surrogacy requires the assistance of an attorney with the right experience to protect everybody’s interests.

You may be looking for the right attorney to help you address your adoption/surrogacy law matter. You have come to the right place.

Helping All Couples And Families Adopt | Advising Clients Regarding Surrogacy

The law firm of Almeida & Gordy, P.A., is well versed in the law regarding surrogacy and adoption in the state of Florida. We serve as advisors to clients from all backgrounds and walks of life, including LGBT couples. Our attorneys can answer your questions about:

  • How to structure a surrogacy agreement that reduces the likelihood of a problem in the future
  • Egg and sperm donation
  • Gestational surrogacy versus traditional surrogacy
  • Domestic partnerships, same-sex marriage and adoption
  • Second parent adoption that provides parental rights to both partners
  • What paperwork needs to be prepared, and when
  • Financial compensation and medical coverage for birth mothers
  • Visitation and contact after birth

Our firm knows how to navigate the complexities that can surface in surrogacy cases and LGBT adoptions. Every adoption is different. Get the advice you need as you plan your adoption.

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