Orlando LGBT Estate Planning Attorneys

It is vitally important that same-sex couples protect themselves and their future by creating a comprehensive estate plan that legally allows them to make decisions for each other when the unexpected occurs. Without this estate plan, if one partner is hurt or ill and in the hospital, decision making can be deferred to the family. Also, if the partner passes away, the individual’s property would legally go to the family, even if the other partner played a significant role in building that wealth with the deceased.

Many couples make the mistake of not preparing for the future. If dynamics with the deceased’s family are strained, the surviving spouse can quickly lose everything – on top of the loss of the partner.

Winter Park Same-Sex Estate Planning Lawyers

At Almeida & Gordy, P.A., we provide our clients the tools they need to fully protect their future. We structure these estate plans around six documents:

  • Last will and testament
  • Living will
  • Health care surrogate arrangements
  • Pre-need guardianship
  • Durable power of attorney
  • Disposition of remains

If drafted properly, these powerful vehicles can work together to ensure that partners are equipped to make decisions, both medically and financially, for each other should the unexpected occur. Medical information will be released to the partner under HIPPA, and he or she will be allowed to guide the treatment and care of the ill or injured partner.

Should the partner pass, the surviving partner will be allowed to execute the estate as the deceased would have wanted, as well as final wishes for the remains. All assets and property will be distributed according to the wills and trusts created. Not only does this protect the spouse, an estate plan ensures that the difficult period of loss is made a little easier by an efficient estate plan.

To arrange an initial consultation to discuss what is needed to protect your future and how an Orlando LGBT estate planning lawyer can help, please contact our Florida law firm today at 407-680-1797.