Throughout the last several years, our country has taken great strides in improving its recognition and treatment of all sexual orientations. Though we are moving towards granting the LGBT full rights and equality, the laws are still in the process of evolving, creating legal uncertainties. It is important that you take wise measures to ensure that your rights and those of your partner are protected no matter how laws may change or what may happen in your personal life.

Central Florida And Winter Park LGBT Rights Lawyers

At Almeida & Gordy, P.A., our attorneys are known for the exceptional guidance they provide LGBT couples as they prepare for the future.

We help couples put together the legal framework needed to facilitate their goals for the future. Whether you are looking to prepare for the future through an estate plan or seeking to start a family through adoption, we can help.

There are very specific legal documents and vehicles for accomplishing these goals with the full protection of the state. Our attorneys will evaluate your circumstances and help to provide the solutions you need.

Domestic Partnership

Couples also have options for domestic partnership arrangements. We can set up the infrastructure for these on your behalf.


Many LGBT couples start families through adoption. In Florida, this requires a second parent adoption in which one individual is the official parent and the other adopts through the same process a stepparent would take. We can guide you through this process as seamlessly as possible.

LGBT Estate Planning

Same-sex couples must take extra care in preparing a comprehensive estate plan to ensure that the remaining partner is allowed the decision-making authority needed and provided the property desired. This is a detailed-oriented process that we can facilitate.

Same-Sex Divorce

Should a couple seek to split after a significant period of time where there has been a commingling of assets or an adoption, we can handle the legalities of dividing these assets and create a plan for the child’s relationship with both parents.

Our firm understands the obstacles many LGBT couples face, and we provide the answers and solutions needed. To arrange an initial consultation, please contact an Orlando LGBT law attorney at our firm today at 407-680-1797.