Tampa Second Parent Adoption

Through second parent adoption, a parental figure who lives in the home can legally adopt a child, even if he or she isn’t married to the legal or biological parent. This option is often a good solution for gay and lesbian couples as well as in cases involving surrogacy and egg donation.

The attorneys at Almeida & Gordy, P.A., provide strong, dedicated advocacy for couples who need a second parent adoption. We are able to serve clients through our offices in Tampa and Orlando, Florida.

From our Tampa office, we can handle all aspects of a second parent adoption, including termination of a biological parent’s parental rights. Other steps need to be taken before securing the second parent adoption, including a home study, background checks and other measures to ensure the child’s safety. After these steps are completed, we also can guide you through filing a petition with the court and represent you in the final court hearing.

Dedicated Tampa Gay/LGBT Adoption Lawyers

At our firm, we understand the additional obstacles that LGBT couples face, and remain dedicated and vigilant in our goal of helping you start your family through adoption.

Our Tampa second parent adoption lawyers are very familiar with the courts and have good relationships with area judges. We strive to complete the adoption process for clients as efficiently and effectively as possible and are skilled at preparing them for every step in the legal process.

To discuss your second parent adoption, contact our firm at 732-481-3024. Or, if you prefer, you can fill out and submit the online form.