Stepparent Adoption Attorney

For many families, a stepparent adoption is the final step to legally solidify an already existing parent-child relationship between a stepparent their spouse’s child.  Florida’s public policy provides that children should be raised within a family unit, preferably with two involved and loving parents.   Florida law does not require background checks for step parent adoptions and does not require a separate hearing on the termination of parental rights, which allows step parent adoptions to be relatively quick and inexpensive.

Once a stepparent adoption has been finalized, the stepparent will permanently and legally secure parental rights over the child which may become particularly important should the unexpected occur.  If something were to happen to the biological parent without stepparent adoption, the next biological relative, or even the state, rather than the stepparent who has been a parental figure the child’s entire life. That stepparent would not be given custody, parental rights or decision-making authority, and he or she would not be guaranteed any contact with the child.

At Almeida & Gordy, P.A., our adoption attorneys and staff advocate for the best interest of the child, and most often advocate for a step parent to adopt their spouse’s child.   Our Orlando adoption attorneys offer experienced advice and provide guidance throughout the adoption process.   With offices in Orlando and Tampa, Almeida & Gordy, P.A. offers free same day adoption consultations so that your family can be fully informed of the legal significance of adoption and what to expect during the adoption process.   To arrange your free adoption consultation please call (407) 680-1797 or email us at .