St. Petersburg Second Parent Adoption

In cases of abuse, abandonment, neglect, death or other serious circumstances, it sometimes becomes necessary for relatives to provide a permanent loving home for a child.

Winter Park Kinship Adoption Attorneys – Relative And Grandparent Adoptions

At Almeida & Gordy, P.A., our attorneys understand the overwhelming family situations and dynamics that often lead to these “kinship guardianships” or adoptions, and we provide the guidance you need to carry the legal burden as you focus on the interpersonal aspects involved.

In some cases, the relative simply took the child in, and after time passed realized that he or she needed legal authority to make decisions for the child, particularly in education and medical circumstances. While there are guardianship options available, it is often more effective to seek an adoption if it seems that the parent will no longer be able to provide care to the child on a permanent basis.

In other cases, the relative seeks to intervene in a situation, adopting the child from the onset to ensure that the child is provided a safe and secure environment.

Regardless of the circumstances causing the relative to seek adoption, our firm can provide the legal guidance needed to help the child become adopted. Unless the parent passed away, it will be necessary to get the biological or legal parent to sign away parental rights or have them terminated through court proceedings, thus allowing adoption to go through. Our lawyers can handle these negotiations or proceedings. In cases where a relative wants to assist, but does not wish to adopt, we can assist with a temporary guardianship, usually known as a kinship guardianship.

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